Valloire Galibier
Jean-Baptiste Grange's ski resort
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Nature, Fauna and Flora

Staying in Valloire is the occasion, for those loving nature, to discover magnificent landscapes and the exuberance of alpine fauna and flora.
Each season is a delight for senses, but spring and summer are undoubtedly the most magical ones: mildness of climate, colours and flowers in profusion, great moments to observe wild fauna in its environment. So much assets and charms that you will fall in love with Valloire.

Spring time in Valloire:

The days are getting longer, the sun reheats the days, spring flowers are starting to blow and April holiday-makers can attend the awakening of the first marmots along the lifts exposed to the south.

Snow melting is starting and enables people to access the paths so far buried beneath the snow. The Galibier Pass road will soon open with the crowd of cyclist coming for estimate their endurance on its slopes. It is a foretaste of summer.





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