Valloire Galibier
Jean-Baptiste Grange's ski resort
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The resort

Located at the bottom of the Galibier Pass, Valloire is an authentic traditionnal village inhabited by 1300 people. You can find 17 hamlets all around.

in Valloire, how sweet mountain is...

135 km of path leaving from Valloire, 11 mountain-bike itineraries. In Valloire, you will benefit from mountain advantages: three rivers, the Aiguilles d'Arves summit, mountain lakes, forest, the impressive Grand Galibier summit...

Thanks to the warm heart of its inhabitants and its beautiful nature you will enjoy a great holiday in Valloire.

Valloire: a traditional welcome

In Valloire welcoming is an integral part of the village. The Galibier pass, used for ages, has modeled the spirit of its inhabitants who however managed to handle the destiny of their town.In the shops, on the slopes or in the case of a conversation, people from Valloire always have stories to tell you.Therefore a special spirit emmanates from this place.


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