Valloire Galibier
Jean-Baptiste Grange's ski resort
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Cycling in the area

Given its unique position at the foot of the col du Galibier, near the col du Télégraphe and in the heart of the prestigious Route des Grandes Alpes: Valloire is the kingdom of bicycle.
The site is accredited by the French Cycling Federation.

The Col du Galibier:
Iconic stage of the Tour de France, the runners first cross it in 1911. Every summer many amateur and professional races are held on its slopes.

The Galibier pass climb from Valloire:
Departure: 1430 m - Arrival: 2642 m
Length: 17 km - Elevation in level: 1212 m
Average %: 7.2% - maximum %: 12%

The Telegraph Pass:
Reaching its highest point at 1566 m, the name of the Telegraph pass has its origins in the fort built between 1885 and 1893. It surrounds the Maurienne Valley, and in the past, it was a major defensive place to protect the city of St Michel de Maurienne and the military road of the Galibier.
Even if it is less famous than its neighbours, the Telegraph pass is a beautiful and not so easy climb.

The Telegraph pass climb from St Michel de Maurienne:
Departure : 710 m - Arrival : 1566 m 
Length : 11.8 km - Elevation in level : 856 m
Average %: 7.3 % - maximum % : 9.7 %

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