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A hundred years of skiing in Valloire

It’s even been 115 years since young Valloire inhabitants were initiated to the pleasure of skiing by Dr. Bruny. These same youngsters who had scarce knowledge apart from sliding and the Briançon stop.

1900- 1940 : the beginnings of the “Belle Epoque” were modest: even though some inhabitants and “foreigners” carried on skiing, the pleasure of this sport was strictly and for a long period the matter of military troops.

Between the 2 World Wars the French Alpine Club (CAF) developed, making Winter Sports popular, seducing all ranges of youngsters.
Valloire’s inhabitants essentially from the lower hamlets welcome tourism. In 36-39, Valloire is launched by its charming new style despite the majority of its people who are still very traditional.

1940-1965 : black years are over, the Liberation allows an extraordinary dynamism. Pioneers and champions create the ski school (esf), liven up the resort and teach new techniques to crowds of skiers. Hotels and residences develop to make the most of “ White Gold”.  

1965-2000 : the Ski area is renewed twice. The skilifts are now under the Régie Communale in association with Valmeinier as well as a private society in Les Verneys by the 3 Valley skipass.

The Setaz and Crey du Quart are now linked.

2000 : the Régie Touristique remodels slopes; multiply snow canons to prevent the local economy from depending on the weather’s whims. It modernises and creates new lifts to ensure comfort, rapidity, and safety to an increasing number of clients with the new 3000 potential beds.

New sliding styles are fashion here: snowboard, off piste, cross country ski run, for confirmed mountain lovers. But still, the majority of clients are families initiating kids and grand children to ski, and groups of youngsters coming for fun. Newly comers: international clients needing to be seduced.

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