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Jean-Baptiste Grange's ski resort
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Are you insured ?

Be careful, assistance and rescue on the ski area are not free ! From 200 € for the lower slopes to more than 2000 € for a helicopter rescue.

Before you go skiing, inquire and make sure that you are personally insured:
“Carré Neige” Insurance : from 2,90 €/day/person

Information in the selling point of the ski area
Year insurance also available 
(Selling points: Ski area desks, ESF desk or

Off-piste skiing

  • Ski except from marked and open tracks is made under you own responsability.
  • Off-piste skiing implies a certain degree of danger (rough terrain, avalanches, cliffs...)
  • Carry an avalanche victims' localization and search equipment with you (avalanche search device, shovel, snow probes) and go using them regularly. An ARVA Park is available on the ski area.
  • Never ski alone, indicate your destination to others before leaving. Get accompanied or ask information from mountain professionals.
  • Isolated tracks do not guarantee your safety.
  • Find out about avalanche risk level

Avalanches risk scale

The European risk scale (1-5) grades the snow cover stability outside marked slopes (extended report available at the information points and flags displayed at the main ski lifts).

Good stability
Moderate stability

Light stability
Very light stability

Total instability


Signposting within the ski area

Main interconnections through easy itineraries :


Access to the ski lifts departures :


« Towards the Lac de la Vieille chair lift through the  Escargot  green slope »
Slope side marks: fluorescent top on the slope’s right hand side.

Be careful for the timetable to go back to Valloire from Valmeinier

Grandes Drozes : 16h15 from 09/02/2019 : 16h30
Moneul : 16h15 from 09/02/2019 : 16h30
Plan Palais : 16h30 from 09/02/2019 : 16h45



Information about the ski area

Ski area opening conditions and weather forecast available on :
Electronic information boards at the entrance points (info pistes heading)

They work on the ski area

Ask our staff about the ski area opening conditions, the snow cover quality and the best itineraries according to your level. There is someone on duty in every first-aid post.

Witnessing an accident ?

Inform the ski patrollers or call +33 4 79 83 37 91
Please indicate the slope name and marker number, the circumstances and type of injury.

Phone - Website

  • Ski area and rescue information centre : +33 4 79 59 03 90
  • Tourist Office : +33 4 79 59 03 96 -


TOURIST OFFICE - rue des Grandes Alpes 73 450 Valloire - France Tel. 04 79 59 03 96 - @