1 ¤ Pass'loisirs

To save money during your holidays, here comes the" 1€ Pass'loisirs"!

How does it work?

You are thinking about spending your holiday in Valloire. If you choose a renter who subscribed the "1€ Pass'loisirs", you can benefit from this 1-€-a-day offer for the total length of your stay (eg.: 4 nights = the Pass'Loisirs for 4 € per person).

"1 € Pass'loisirs" renter

On the website, the subscribing accomodation are indicated by the opposite logo. If you have any doubt, ask for information when booking. With the "1€ Pass'loisirs", benefit from numerous reductions on the activities.

Important ! The "1€ Pass'loisirs" is nominative and non refundable. A 2 € deposit will be asked for the keycard.

 Activities included:
- Unlimited access to the ice-rink
- Unlimited access to the swimming-pool (depending on the capacity)
- Unlimited pedestrian access to the gondola

Offer available from June 28th till August 30th, 2014


SEM Valloire
+33 4 79 59 03 90 - sem@valloire.net