Valloire Galibier
Jean-Baptiste Grange's ski resort
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Route des Grandes Alpes

La route des Grandes Alpes

This is a legendary route providing an excellent way of meeting locals, nature and having a look at the high peaks. It is a beautiful itinerary from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean sea through the wild Alps. Valloire and the Galibier pass are a major stopping place on this road.

A historical road, an invitation to discover
In 1910, the Touring Club de France initiates works on the " Route des Grandes Alpes ". The route meanders along mountain roads for almost 600 km. Crossing 16 passes, this road is one of the most famous in Europe. Some of this passes are the places of Tour de France feats...

Valloire, a stopping place you can't get away from
Located between two mountain passes (the Télégraphe and the Galibier), Valloire offers a great holiday. It is an authentic traditional village built around its baroque church...


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